Saturday, 15 July 2017

Tips and Tricks on How to Choose a 220 volt Hair Dryer

It is not without reason that hair is called the crowning glory of women. Lending glamour and the perfect gorgeous look, it is the lustrous locks that make a lot of difference to appearance. As a result, hair dryers have moved from the dressing table to the travelling bags of women. Considered a part of the regular makeup kit, hair dryers are equally, if not more important than other beauty enhancing features. Here is a simple cheat sheet on choosing the perfect 220 v hair dryer to give that fabulous look to your tresses.

Fast drying capabilities
Very few women have the luxury of time to get ready. Not having all day or evening to get ready translates into shorter time frames. Consequently, hair dryers need to possess the power to blow dry real fast. From the orifice of the dryer the flow of air needs to be hot and fast with the right momentum to quickly dry hair to enable perfect styling at short notice.

Heat and speed settings to meet specific requirements
At times, hair styling may involve a soft and subtle approach with just the right amount of heat and air flow. It is therefore important to choose a hair dryer that has multiple heat and speed settings. This will permit you to style hair without having to get someone to hold it far away from your hair, which may not be a practical option all the time. As hair dryers are accessories of convenience, it is best to opt for accessories that are versatile and convenient to use.

Lightweight and compact for easy storage and handling

The hair dryers need to necessarily be compact and lightweight to permit easy stowing of the dryer during trips. A large hair dryer will make it difficult to accommodate inside travel bags, while heavier models may make it difficult to handle. Excessively dried hair may look lackluster, and it is better that hair dryers are positioned at the right angle and distance. A lightweight model would offer greater convenience in directing the nozzle at the hair easily and having greater control over it. 

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