Tuesday, 15 March 2016

220 Volt Portable Heater – Ideal for Salons

Salon owners, as well as hair and make-up artists, will find that a 220 volt portable heater is a godsend for businesses in the hair care industry. Not only will it be able to keep you and your client comfortable—it can save also you money and space. Here are the benefits:

•    Keeps moisture at bay – If there’s anything that ruins salon products, its moisture. Don’t let all the hair products and make-up go to waste. When you use a 220 volt portable heater, you don’t have to worry about spray cans clogging or mascara clumping up. The heater can also protect the quality of your tools, such as your make-up brushes, curling irons, and hair dryers.

•    Dual-purpose – A 220 volt portable heater usually also functions as a cooling system, too. In the winter, you can warm up and in the summer, you can cool down.

•    Portable – If one area of your salon is starting to get cold, just move the 220 volt portable heater there. The portable 220 volt heater is also ideal for stylists who travel with their clients. You can bring the 220 volt portable heater with you wherever your client needs you to go—to Asia, the Middle East, and even Europe! When in the US, be sure to use a step-down converter for the 220 volt portable heater.

You can easily order a 220 volt portable heater for your salon online. The best sellers are able to offer high-quality 220 volt portable heaters at the lowest possible prices. They should also be able technical support before and after you purchase the 220 volt portable heater.

Don’t be afraid to order a 220 volt portable heater online. You just need to check if the seller offers secure payment and checkout processes. It’s best if they are PayPal verified. It’s also a plus if they are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

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220 Volt Cordless Phone – Better Medium for Communication

Whether you are looking for a phone for your home or office, a 220 volt cordless phone is the best solution. It definitely offers more benefits than a regular telephone. Here are some of its advantages:

•    Go as you please – There are no wires to keep you from roaming from one room to another. This is highly helpful when multitasking, such as if you have to look for a certain document from a file folder in another room while taking a call.

•    Privacy – It would be awkward to take a private call in front of everyone in the living room. With a 220 volt cordless phone, you can take your phone calls wherever as long as you are within range of the base.

•    Higher productivity – Get everything done while you chat with a friend. With a 220 volt cordless phone, you can sweep the floor or do the dishes. Some models of 220 volt cordless phones also come with a speaker function to prevent getting a crick in your neck.

•    Less mess –Wires tend to clutter up a space. Let’s face it—they just don’t look good, and they tend to collect dust. With a 220 volt cordless phone, you never have to deal with wires. A 220 volt cordless phone also gives a more sleek and modern look to your room.

•    Internal communication – There are 220 volt cordless phones that come in sets for networking. At home, you can have a 220 volt cordless phone for each room and then network them so that you can contact other phones inside the house.

Even if a 220 volt cordless phone is using electricity, it consumes very little. You probably won’t find much of a change in your electric bill. With a 220 volt cordless phone, it's much easier to stay connected with everyone.

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