Monday, 9 July 2018


Aside from price, many things must be taken into account before deciding on a 220v window air conditioner to buy. As a wise consumer, you want to ensure you are purchasing an appliance that will not only cool your space efficiently but also last a long time. The following are five factors to consider when buying a 220v window air conditioner.

      1.      Room size
To choose the right size or BTU, you must determine the size of your room first. As a general rule, you will need 20 BTU per square feet. According to these recommendations, a 400 square foot room will need 8,000 to 9,000 BTUs.
2.      Installation

Before you decide to get a window air conditioner, see to it that you are allowed to install it or not. This won’t be an issue if you own your home, but if you are renting or living in a condo, you must ask your landlord or talk to homeowner's association. You may have to settle for a portable unit if there are installation restrictions.
3.      Electrical requirement
If you are living in an area with 110v electrical requirement, then you would need to rewire an outlet in your home or buy a step-up converter to use a 220v air conditioner. This is an important factor to consider especially when installing units with 10000 BTU since they typically use 220-240 volts.
4.      Energy efficiency

Air conditioning units are the biggest contributors to your monthly electric bills. To save money, consider opting for models with lower wattages or those with Energy Star ratings. 

5.      Appliance shop
Some appliance shops offer 220v window air conditioner at prices similar to the manufacturer's price. If you want to get the best deals, don't buy from those shops. Rather, choose online stores that guarantee quality air conditioners from reputable brands at the lowest prices.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018


If you are in the market for a transformer then you will probably come across the terms ‘step up’ and ‘step down.’ Basically, a transformer can either bring the voltage ‘up’ or ‘down’ depending on requirements. If you want to power up a machine that runs on 110 V in an environment with an electrical supply of 220 volts, you will need a ‘step down’ transformer to make it work. Since the machine requires 110 volts by design, you have to supply it with the same voltage input—thus, your transformer needs to bring the 220 V supplied by the mains down to 110 V.

What would happen if you plug a 110 volt device directly into a 220 volt electrical plug? If it is a heating device, then the amount of heat will be multiplied, which in turn damages the device (often irreparably). If it is run by an AC drive, then it will burn the item readily. If it is a DC drive, then the unit will spin twice as fast and will affect the quality of the components quickly. To protect your machines as well as your electrical lines, you will need a transformer converter from 220 volts to 110 volts. With this device switched on, you can safely plug in products that require a 110 V input.

So how does a transformer converter work? There are actually no moving parts; the transformer is a stationary unit that aids in converting a high voltage output to a lower voltage output that is suitable for your equipment. No changes in frequency occur in a transformer. Only the voltage and the current is converted in the whole transformer process.

A transformer works based on the mutual induction principle. A change in the current will induce an electromotive force in the other coil to which it is connected. With a step down transformer, the first coil has more turns compared to the secondary coil. This causes the voltage to be reduced as well.

Thursday, 7 June 2018


Are you moving abroad and need some kitchen appliances for your new home? One of the most basic things you can get is a 220-volt microwave oven for overseas use. It can go a long way not only in heating food but actually cooking quick meals as well.

While a 220-volt microwave oven is mostly used for heating food in a fast and efficient manner, it is also a powerful cooking tool. You can use it to prepare different delicious recipes. Learn to take advantage of the microwave technology and cook sumptuous meals—from main dishes to desserts. Simply look for microwave recipes online and you’re good to go.

Microwave ovens can reduce the length of cooking time because it is efficient, so you will save time and money by using your 220-volt microwave oven. Since this appliance uses microwave technology, the amount of heat applied to the food is uniform and well-distributed. These ovens likewise help retain the nutrients inside the food. Other types of cooking can cause the vitamins and minerals from the vegetables and meat to dissipate.

Did you know that you can do baking using a 220-volt microwave oven? You can buy ingredients one by one or just buy ready-mixed packages and bake wonderful and delicious cakes and pastries.  Microwave ovens are also safer to use than normal pans and cookware because you can avoid the risk of burns. What’s more, using a microwave oven reduces the carcinogenic components produced by ordinary cooking, like tars and char.

Do you really need a new 220-volt microwave or can you just bring your old one and use it overseas? In many cases, buying a new one makes more sense. You no longer need any transformers or adapters. There are many affordable models, anyway, so you will only be spending a small amount of money when you buy new.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Features and Benefits of Combi Cordless Drill

Cordless power tools such as drills used to be inferior to corded tools in terms of power, but this is no longer the case. Thanks to advances in technology, a combi cordless drill can be used for a longer time, allowing you to finish your projects without interruption. Combi cordless drills are up for the most difficult drilling projects anytime and anywhere. They are designed for different applications as they have a variety of functions. You can use combi drills as impact and hammer drills and drivers—and that's why it is often most expensive among all types of drills. Its versatility and power make this tool worth the money.

Today's models are powered by Lithium-ion batteries because they are smaller and lighter than their old counterparts. This is the reason why combi cordless drills are easier to use. This battery can also hold up their charge when not in use, thus saving energy.

One of the main benefits of combi cordless drills is that it allows you to move freely around your site without worrying about the cord. You can reach any drilling areas with ease. You don't have to switch in tools, too. Another remarkable thing about this power tool is that it can drill holes and drive screws into wood, masonry, and even metals. Some also say that combi cordless drills are better than a real drill driver, although this may depend on the brand, voltage, and battery capacity.

Combi cordless drills are available in a range of choices from various brands. Of course, to ensure that your power tool works as expected, buy only from a trusted brand of power tools. Purchase it from a reliable electronics shop. If you are buying online, make sure that you are buying from a shop that has a long-standing reputation for good customer service and provides a warranty.

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Buying Guide for HDMI to NTSC converter

Buying an HDMI to NTSC converter is essential if you want to be able to use your high-end TV anywhere in the world. Here is a complete buying guide if you are looking for an HDMI to NTSC converter.

Why do you need one?

The two types of encoding system are NTSC and PAL. NTSC or National Television System Committee is used in North America, South America, Taiwan, Philippines, and South Korea. PAL or Phase Alternation by Line is utilized in a lot more countries.
If you bought a TV from the US, then your television will use the NTSC system. If you purchased a TV from a country that uses the PAL system and then traveled back to the US, you cannot use it unless you use a converter.

This device converts NTSC system to PAL system so that you can make use of your PAL-encoded television. By spending only a few dollars, you can save a lot of money—you are purchasing a converter instead of a brand-new TV.

Why choose HDMI?

Most TVs nowadays can be linked to any other electronic device via its HDMI output port. HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface can transmit a high-quality and a high-bandwidth video and audio between devices. It is a single cable that you can easily plug into the television. You don’t need additional wires to send audio and video.

Which NTSC converter should you buy?

Converters from popular brands like Comworld, VCON, and CMD are produced with dual conversion capability. This means that these products can convert NTSC to PAL and vice versa. You can purchase multiple devices from different regions and countries without worrying about the encoding system used.

You should also get a converter that produces high definition signals. Some converters even use processing technology that make images more clear and lively. A plug-and-play converter is also recommended for easy product utilization.

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Best 220 Volts Refrigerators Available in USA Market

Old fridges need to be replaced because not only do they consume more energy and electricity—they are also less inefficient in keeping your food fresh. Perhaps it’s time for a new 220-volt refrigerator. If you are on the search for the best 220-volt refrigerators in the US market today, here are some models to consider:

Best Top Mount Refrigerator: GE PTE22SBT SS

This model is the preferred choice when it comes to top mount refrigerators—and it’s easy to see why. It has a capacity of 615 liters. The stainless steel doors and handles give it an elegant look. It also has an electronic touch temperature controls with a digital display. You can adjust the humidity of the vegetable or fruit crisper. This food storage also has ample space for tall bottle containers. The freezer has a tilt-out locking bin for easy item removal and placement.

Best Side-by-Side Refrigerator: GE ZSEP480DY SS 48 CFT Monogram

This is one luxurious side-by-side fridge. It has stainless steel handles and doors with concealed hinges. The GE ZSEP480DY has easy to use electronic controls with a clear display. It boasts 2 dairy compartments that are magnetically sealed. The deluxe LED lighting makes food easy to identify and sort. This model also uses Custom Cool Technology Express Chill for fast and efficient freezing. As a safety feature, this unit even has door alarms and a child lock.

Best French Door Refrigerator: Frigidaire by Electrolux FRS850SS

If you are looking for a French door-type refrigerator, you should seriously consider the Frigidaire by Electrolux FRS850SS. This unit provides a capacitive-touch user display. The exterior is made of stainless steel, and inside the unit are 3 temperature zones, an automatic ice maker, vacuum insulation panels, and a sliding bottle tray.

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Advantages and Usage of 220-240 Voltage Adapter

If you are going abroad for work or for leisure, then you need to have 220-240 voltage adapter in your bag. Why should you get one when you travel—and should you be alarmed that you don’t already own one?

If you are just staying in the US, you do not have to get a 220 to 240 voltage adapter because the voltage output of a domestic residential home in the mainland is 120 volts. If you bought all your appliances in the US, then you can plug these electric devices directly to the outlet. Your devices are also designed to receive a voltage input of 120 V.

But if you are going abroad, particularly to countries like England, Chile, Fiji, Finland, most Southeast Asian countries, Hungary, Iceland, and Mauritius, you need to carry in your bag a 220 to 240 voltage adapter. These countries have a domestic voltage output of 220 to 240 volts.

What happens when you plug your 110-volt device into a 220-volt outlet? The device will burn out quickly. The circuit may also be affected by the sudden surge of voltage. You can only hope that your electric device has a safety protection feature that cuts off the supply before it reaches the main components. If it doesn’t, then it will likely be irreparably damaged.

Are you leaving the country for good? Then, you may need to buy new electronic devices and appliances that can be plugged into the local outlet. But if you are just going to other countries for a specific amount of time, it will be expensive for you to purchase products that you will only use for a few days or months. What you can buy is a 220 to 240 voltage adapter instead. All your devices can be used and recharged using this handy tool. It is also affordable; in fact, you can get one for as low as $11 to power up small appliances like portable DVD players, phones, and other electronic toys.

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