Friday, 14 April 2017

Common Uses of Region-Free Portable DVD Players

When portable DVD players were invented by Panasonic in 1998, people could not get enough of it—and it made its way to millions of homes and cars. Back when Netflix wasn’t around and mobile phones couldn’t play movies, portable DVD players were the height of technology. Nowadays, people use their mobile devices for entertainment, but portable DVD players are still very much relevant and alive. If you still don’t have one at home or in your car, then it is never too late. Here are a few common uses for region-free portable DVD players:

•    Endless Options

Portable DVD players tend to only function on either PAL or NTSC format, but region-free players are now capable of playing both formats to give its users unlimited viewing options. If you frequently travel and worry that your gadget may not work in the next country you are going to, region-free gadgets and appliances are heaven-sent. Whether you bought a PAL format DVD from Thailand or China or an NTSC format DVD from US or Japan, your region-free portable DVD player can handle it.

•    Travel Essential

Travelling with children can be difficult since they tend to get bored easily especially during long drives. With a region-free portable DVD player, you can bring their favorite films and have your children watch movies during the trip. Portable DVD players are also allowed on airplanes, which could be useful for those long-haul flights when there is nothing good on the plane’s entertainment system. The best models are lightweight and shock-proof for extra durability.

•    Plug to the TV

You can also play movies on a compatible HDTV with the best portable DVD player that has built-in USB connectors. In the case of the television, the TV must be compatible with the DVD format whether PAL or NTSC in order for the playback transfer to work.

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