Tuesday, 16 August 2016

220 Volt Curling Iron – A Modern Invention

The curling iron is one of the beauty tools that you should never be without if you love styling your hair. This device is an innovative invention that has changed the way modern and DIY hairstylists play, experiment, and achieve different hairstyles. Despite its name, the curling iron is not merely for curling hair. I can be used to create waves and add volume to otherwise flat and dull hair. This hair styling tool is compact and can easily be carried anywhere, especially if you get a 220 volt curling iron.

The 220 volt curling iron is a modern invention that can be handy when you travel abroad. If you use it in the US, be sure to plug it into a 110-volt electrical socket with a step-up converter to avoid damaging the device and the electrical system. You should be able to purchase a 220 volt curling iron and an appropriate converter from an online store that specializes in household electronic equipment at the best prices. When you can take and use your curling iron anywhere, you can be sure to achieve the type and size of curls that you want for an eye-catching hairstyle.

There are many different types of 220 volt curling irons and they differ in the size and type of curls they can make. The key to choosing the right curling iron is the size. The smaller the barrel, the smaller the curls. Hence, a 0.5-inch barrel will create tight curls. Larger barrels, like those that are 3/4-inch wide will provide natural-looking curls, making them ideal for those who have naturally curly hair but would like to add more volume and touch it up a bit.

If you love beach waves, look for a 220 volt curling iron that has a one-inch barrel. This size is ideal for creating loose, messy, or rock-and-roll curls and waves, too. A 1¼-inch barrel can create voluminous waves on medium-length to long hair. There are barrels that are as thick as two inches for creating the look of a fake blow-out. Regardless of the size of curls you prefer, make sure that you buy only a high-quality 220 volt curling iron from a reliable store.

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