Thursday, 5 November 2015

Complete your Needs with the Help of 220 Volt Inverter

Business owners who deal in manufacturing, fabrication or similar industries have to use many machines that need to run continuously for their work. Similarly, businesses that work in the service sector often rely on unique electronic equipment too. It is common for such businesses to rely on the power backup from DC batteries to carry on their work in the event of a power failure. However, since the machines cannot run on DC power directly, one needs to use inverters to convert the DC power from a battery bank to regulated AC power. For most uses, an inverter that can convert to DC to 220 volt AC is preferred. Inverters can also be used in homes during emergencies using car batteries. If the appliance being used requires a lot of power, you can leave the car running to ensure that the battery does not die.

In industrial use, most businesses prefer to use deep cycle batteries that take over in the event of a power failure before the backup power can come on. Deep cycle batteries can undergo multiple cycles of charging and discharging before they need to be replaced.

Power inverters offer several advantages to their users, a few of which are listed here.

•    Uninterrupted Power Supply: The 220 volt power inverter provides an uninterrupted power supply. It provides the machine with continuous power for as long as the batteries last. They usually need to function only till the backup power kicks in after a few seconds. However, in production queues where a power failure can cause the entire line to reset, they can be a life saver.

•    Efficiency: The power inverter is extremely efficient and converts the power to the required parameter to ensure proper functioning of the machine. Pure sine wave inverters can even be used to operate sensitive electronics.

•    Intelligent Shut Off: 220 volt power inverters have an intelligent shut-off feature that shuts off the power if the load exceeds safety parameters. This ensures complete safety and security for your machines and appliances. For instance, a 12V DC to 220 volt AC inverter will shut off in case the voltage dips below 11 volt DC or hikes above 15 volt DC. They also come with features for overload, thermal or short circuit shutdown.

•    Compact: The 220 volt power inverter is sleek and compact which makes it an ideal choice for limited spaces or transportation.

Investing in a 220 volt power inverter would help you to complete your work within the stipulated time without worrying about the power supply. At home or on the road, an inverter can be a life saver in an emergency.

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