Monday, 17 August 2015

Six Things You Need To Know About PAL to NTSC Video Converters Today

Buying movies abroad can be risky because their coding could be different than the standard code that is used in your country. DVDs from a PAL region will not play on a standard DVD player that was purchased in an NTSC region. To avoid the hassle, you can purchase a PAL to NTSC video converter, which will change the PAL signal to any signal using a connection like RCA, component, HDMI, or S-Video. Whether this is your first time buying a PAL to NTSC converter or you simply want to learn more about it, these are the six essential things you must know about this product:

1. PAL vs. NTSC – NTSC and PAL are two different color encoding systems that affect the quality of the visuals on analog TVs and HDTVs. PAL uses 25 frames per second on a 720 x 576 aspect ratio while NTSC delivers 30 frames per second at an aspect ratio of 720 x 480. Color correction is manual in NTSC and automatic in PAL. NTSC is the standard in Japan and US while PAL is common in Australia, UK, and Sweden.

2. Why you need it – With a PAL to NTSC converter, you can avoid having to buy a multisystem TV. You can use the converter with various TV systems, and this can be convenient if you travel or plan to relocate to a different country. With a converter, you can get sharp, clear, and crisp videos for a higher-quality entertainment experience.

3. PAL to NTSC converters are available online – Go online instead of scheduling a trip to the nearest appliance store. Find a large and reputable retailer of 220 volt household appliances on the internet that is known for its wide range of branded products, secure payment process, low-price promise, and reliable delivery service.

4. Selecting the right video converter – Look for Com World PAL to NTSC video converters online. Com World video converters come with different features that may be convenient for you. Be sure to read about the features of the converter before you buy it.

5. Features to look for – Make sure that the firmware is updated and that the converter can transform PAL to NTSC content to full HD resolution at up to 1080p.

6. Fight piracy – A PAL to NTSC converter is a good investment if you are against movie piracy. With this device, you do not have to worry about not being able to play PAL DVDs at home. You can convert it to NTSC and watch it on your media player at home. This way, you can confidently purchase movies from PAL regions and eliminate the need to download illegally or purchase pirated movies.

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