Monday, 8 June 2015

Choose a 220v converter for your Television

A PAL or SECAM television—both of which are not the standard in the US— may require a 220v converter.  You might also need a 220v converter if you are moving to a 110v country from a region where 220v is the norm. Choosing the right converter can protect your sensitive and expensive television. Use only a high-quality 220v converter to ensure surge protection and longer life for your TV.

Why do you need a converter?
Electronic devices like televisions are typically manufactured to work for a specific voltage, but if that voltage is unavailable, then you need to use a power converter to control the level of power supply. A 220v TV needs a step-down voltage converter that will change the electrical output of your TV. Voltage converters are also referred to as 'voltage transformers' or 'power converters'. They can make a 220-volt appliance work on a 110 volt outlet. Some transformers can function as a step down and step up converters. Buying this type of 220v converter may be convenient if you find yourself relocating often.

Which one should you buy?
Note that ‘converters’ tend to work only with electric appliances, while ‘transformers’ are usually more versatile and can work on any type of device. Televisions use electronic circuits and chips. For example, plasma TVs often have an average wattage of 450, so it needs an international model 2 1500 watt step up and step down converter. If you are not sure, purchase a transformer that can work with both electronic and electric devices.

You can learn more about 220v converters for your TV online, especially when you visit an online store that sells 220v appliances and electronics. There, you can find recommendations and you may contact the staff for advice on converting your 220v TV and making it work on a 110v outlet.

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